Jeremy Hughes Info

I first met Jeremy Hughes through a friend who suggested I ask him about helping with marketing for my website. As you know this site of mine does not make a profit so always looking for help wherever I can. Jeremy came highly recommended as a guy that knows a lot about marketing and is happy to share his knowledge.

When I had a family trip to Australia I made sure to fly to Perth to visit with Jeremy Hughes at his office. I explained the difficulty as an individual running a website designed to help people and Jeremy agreed to provide me with free support to help build this website. I’m very grateful to him for this. He also is full of regular and useful tips so we still chat regularly and am grateful for his support. Jeremy did come and meet me out in New York when he was there on business and we had a lovely dinner and again he keeps in contact and always remembers my birthday.

So just want to publicly recognize the guy as a big thanks for the help you have provided. Great for a fellow businessperson to understand how hard it is to start a new business and provide his time without charging to just generally help others out.